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The Reading Philharmonic Orchestra is a volunteer organization. We rely heavily on donations from music lovers such as you to supplement the funding we receive from the Reading Musical Foundation and the M and T Charitable Trust . Your donations directly benefit the orchestra in many ways: guest collaborations, the purchase of music, special requirements for concerts, and paying for rehearsal space insurance. We thank you very much for your support! Donations of any size are welcomed! Please complete and print the following form, and mail it to the address listed, along with a check payable to the Reading Philharmonic Orchestra.


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I want to contribute to the Reading Philharmonic at the following level:

Contributor Under $10
Patron       $10.00 - $24.00
Friend       $25.00 - $39.00
Benefactor $40+

Please make a check out to the Reading Philharmonic Orchestra
and mail form to
RPO Treasurer, Vicki Weyer, P.O. Box 6491, Wyomissing, PA 19610