Orchestra roster

Michael Slechta - Conductor

Violin 1
  • Kelly Murphy - Concertmistress
  • Anne Smith
  • Judith Chemikovich-Clemens
  • Justin Schlesselman
  • Ruth Bloom
  • Anna Esser
Violin 2
  • Ann Wenrich
  • Barbara Emery
  • Carole Lusch
  • Ellen Brown
  • John Sech
  • Nanette O'Neal
  • Bronwen Gamble
  • Erika Norris
  • Jackie Lockard
  • Felix Castillo
  • Claudia S Mahon
  • Dina Slechta
  • Hans Slechta
  • Karen Gonzalez
  • Katey Keffer
String Bass
  • Carol Kelly
  • Kevin Sensenig
  • Beth Richmond
  • Holly Walter
  • Susan Kelly
  • Mary Zebert
  • Ally Bauer
  • David Krall
  • John D LaBarre
  • Kathy Hartman
  • Sandy Kern
  • Karen Gonzalez
  • Brenda Hugueny-Axline
  • John Jadus
French Horn
  • Chris Rohrbach
  • James Funk
  • Jeff Oxenford
  • George Boyd
  • Gary Valinoto
  • Jeff Oxenford
  • Cameron Ellison
  • David Rentschler
  • Theodore Slechta
  • Thomas K Somers
  • Jose Martinez
  • Charlyn Gring

Ellen Gallagher - Narrator

Michael Slechta - Conductor

Michael J. Slechta joined the Reading Philharmonic Orchestra as Co-Conductor in 2002, and became Conductor in 2012. He holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education and a Master of Science degree in music education from Lebanon Valley College where he earned college and music department honors for an independent study in instrumental conducting. As an Adjunct Instructor in the MME program at LVC Mike teaches Research Methods in Music Education and Interpreting and Using Research in Music Education.

Mike is the Coordinator for Music, Art, Humanities, and 21st Century Skills in the Lancaster School District. He hold National Board Certification as an early middle childhood music teacher, and in the fall of 2016 he received a Music For Everyone Award for his commitment to cultivating the power of music.

Mike is the Director of Music for Trinity UCC in East Petersburg where he directs the choir and the bell choirs. Aside from conducting, Mike plays bass with the Reading Pops Orchestra and freelances within Lancaster, Berks and other surrounding counties.